Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well that was more like it

   Series tied at 1-1 but we have yet to play a full 48 minute game in the playoffs. Rose played better, but Joakim Noah deserves the game ball. 19 pts and 14 boards and was the emotional leader, keeping both the fans and his teammates energy up.
   But this effort needs to be backed up with a better one in Atlanta on Friday night, where there is no home court advantage for the Hawks. Atlanta is a city full of transplants, and its definitely more of college football town than a basketball town, but I digress.
    The Hawks shot 34% last night, and while they wont shoot this bad the rest of the series, they also won't shoot the lights out like they did in Game 1 either. Another thing that won't happen is Jeff Teague only committing 1 turnover in 2 games. The kid has played his ass off in Kirk Hinrich's absence. But if that's our biggest problem, we are looking good for our date with the Heat in the next round.
     Meanwhile, every sports writer in the city is writing about how its Taj Gibson's turn to get starters minutes. Brilliant idea guys, but some of us wrote about this 2 months ago. Way to be tuned into whats going on Rick Morrissey. And these fucking journalist wonder why no one reads newspapers anymore.

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