Thursday, June 30, 2011

Darnell Docket is a cool dude and the police still hate black people

Thats Darnells twitter bio, he used twitter to live tweet a speeding ticket he was getting that turned into a whole ordeal

Its probably cause you're young and your black and your hats down low.  (and you have a nice car)
Nice I like that he knows due to the lockout he doesn't have to be anywhere at anytime.  That kind of calm cool demeanor out of a black man will drive a cop nuts.
"yes the large black one he is standing by his car"  "ahh yes he is very large and black.  "did you search his car Wilson?"  "not yet Johnson, he seems to know what a warrant is."  "God Damn CSI!  well lets ask for more back up"
That kind of lip can get you knee capped.  He must have been on a high traffic steet during the day
They are waiting for traffic to pass and for about 5 more cops to show so they can stomp you out.
The old good cop bad cop.  They use it on the First 48 without fail.  "My partner wants to throw the book at you.   He is steaming mad, but listen Ill talk to him but only if you help me out and confess to the triple murder"  Ya buddy how are you going to help me out on triple homicide, loosen my cuffs the next 15 minutes I'm your custody
Saying bullshit to a cop will get that reaction every time, you're better than that Darnell. But the money and status the NFL gave you would not let just take your ticket like a pussy like the rest of us do.
Masterful move if you turned up the radio in the cops face as he walked away to wait for a warrant.  At this point I wonder what kept them from putting him in the backseat of the cop car.  I'm guessing sheer size
What a shocking turn of events.  Seriously shocking
 I couldn't agree more.  The only planking I want to see is where if it goes wrong some could die.  I want some planking on the edge of skyscraper, over a fire, over a cage of pit bulls, and the original plank in the middle of traffic during the football season at ESU
-Les Anderson

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