Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Local Idiot follows though on plans, but not really at all

Last month we brought you the story of an Egyptian guy who at the time sounded like a total stud, because he challenged a lion to a fight, then wanted to be run over by a plane, then finally was going to go the Bermuda Triangle so he could reveal all its secrets.

Well he "fought" the lion  and by fought I meant he prodded it with a trident while the lion laid around like it was Christina Aguilera after a night on the town and her late night Carl's Jr binge.  Seriously though, I bet this lion was fed no less than 30 xanax and a cow before he got in the cage.

Regardless, al-Essawy threw an Israeli flag on the lion and declared victory even though the lion never moved from its corner.   At this point I guess I hope he survives the plane running over him (but if he doesn't that's fine too), cause I'm dying to find out what the deal with the Bermuda Triangle is.

-Les Anderson

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