Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nate Marquardt admits using TRT

Nate Marquardt went on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour on Tuesday and said what most people in the industry have been expecting him to say over the last 48 hours or so. He admitted testosterone replacement therapy caused his ejection from Sunday night’s UFC Live 4 show and subsequent dismissal from the UFC. He further contended – as expected – that the controversial treatments were prescribed by a doctor due to a legitimate medical condition, that he’s been on TRT since last August and that the UFC knew all about it.

He detailed the convoluted circumstances around the high levels of testosterone that got him booted from his scheduled fight against Rick Story, took responsibility and said he didn’t even blame the company for firing him. Yet even as he claimed the UFC had at least tacitly okayed the therapy for three of his  previous fights – one in Germany, where the promotion did the medicals itself -- he also made it clear that he wants his job back.

So you are saying people use steroids or stuff like it to improve their performance in a sport when being strong and being able recover quicker is directly correlated to winning and making money.  You just blew my fucking mind man. 

This story isn't that cool but I just wanted to post this very loosely related video.  Go to the 1:30 mark

I always liked Wanderlei and Shogun and now I like them that much more

- Les Anderson

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