Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NBA lockout

(remember who always controls the purse strings)

As of right now, with the proposed 10-year CBA on the table, the players and owners are about $7 billion apart. The main problem is that the league made $4.3 billion this season while league owners claim that they collectively lost $300 million because 22 teams lost money. Players Union officials say that number is considerably smaller, hence the big gap between the two sides. While the league hasn’t disclosed a list of the teams that lost money this year, Forbes reported back in January that 17 teams were already losing money - With Leather

It seems there actually may not be a NBA season next year.  The NFL, at least, is arguing about how to split up a pie.  The NBA is trying to see if they have a pie to split cause most small market teams lose money. 

I fucking hate small markets in any sport and their whining all the damn time.  You live in a small city with a bunch of closed down factories and rich black guys don't want to live there.  Why even bother with letting these cities have teams.  I am for contraction in every sport.  I could be talked into a 10 team NBA I think.

Also this lockout doesn't affect the players as bad.  Dudes in the NBA make so much more money and don't need to really practice to be good at basketball. 

-Les Anderson

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