Monday, June 13, 2011

What!?! Awesome!!!

This is unreal.  All those times you watch a movie like Gladiator or were in social studies class and heard about people forced to fight in crazy duels with animals at the Colosseum.  Well IT'S BACK baby.

Known for his feats of strength, Mr al Essawy, 25, has announced plans to battle a 10-year-old, 280-kilogram lion named Samson to the death on June 25.

The bout has economic and political motivations. Mr al Essawy believes it will draw tourists to Egypt, which is suffering from a steep drop in visitors after the revolution. But he also says it will represent his abhorrence of the violent acts of Israel.
"When I conquer the lion, I will put an Israeli flag on him and step on the lion," he says. "I am not against a Jewish state or the security of Israel, but they should be punished for their attacks on Palestinian people."

I mean I pay around 60 bucks for every UFC I order so I have no clue how much more I'd pay for this. There is a lot of red tape he needs to get past, but this guy is a real master.

He has no exercise regimen and eats just one meal a day. Strength, he says, comes from the mind.
It was at the age of 13 when he discovered his physical strength and mental powers and ever since he has dedicated himself to finding the next big challenge.

The lion fight is just the beginning, Mr al Essawy says. Next, he will lie on the ground as an airplane drives over him. And then, if he can find the sponsors, he will go to the Bermuda Triangle and "reveal all its secrets".

This guy is one great idea after another.  Its a god damn shame that lion is going to fucking beat the shit out of him then eat him before he can get to the rest of his plans.  I mean I am dying to know the "secrets of the Bermuda triangle"

-Les Anderson

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