Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyone's asking.....Where's Les?

So the fame from the BigGame party has obviously gone to his head as he has not posted since Monday. Kids got a real pre madonna attitude.  Reminds me a lot of Jeremy Jackson from Baywatch.

"Jackson admitted during an interview on his E! TV Special titled "Child Star Confidential"[3] that he had a severe drug problem during the time he was on Baywatch. He partly attributes his decision to leave Baywatch to his drug problem. The drugs made him feel that working on the show was beneath him, all this after being arrested in a methamphetamine raid and a long stint in a drug rehab."

I mean the drugs made him feel that working on the show was beneath him?? You don't think after a bender Les is talking about how he carries Big Game and its nothing without him, you better believe he does. The comparison between Les and Jeremy Jackson is chilling and goes far beyond their chiseled jaw lines.

Thanks to JJ for the scoop

UPDATE:  Jeremy thinks drinking bottled water causes bisexuality:

In 2011, Jeremy was confirmed to be one of the patients in VH1's "Celebrity Rehab". During the first episode, Shelly, a head nurse at the Pasadena Recovery Center questioned Jackson about a box that contained his water filtration system. She then asked if he was okay with bottled water to which he responded, "you know, in a pinch... its got plastic [that] leaches and causes cancer and bisexuality its been linked to directly."-wikipedia

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