Friday, July 29, 2011

The Beckhams

Victoria and David Beckham want to stop the constant flow of baby presents for new daughter Harper — from people they don’t know. Most of the items, including 14 pricy strollers, have been sent by kiddie goods manufacturers, hoping for a Beckham endorsement, or even a paparazzi shot of the celebrity couple using their product in public.

To solve the problem, the Beckhams have instructed their staff to send the unsolicited gifts to a number of worthy children’s charities in the Los Angeles area.

I had no reason to post this story other than the fact David Beckham looks so fucking cool. 

Shirt and tie, jeans, oh whats that? A hooded sweatshirt. Ill throw that on too, it will work it self out.  I feel like I'm still forgetting something though.  Oh ya, my ice cold stare, yes this will compliment my devastatingly good looks well tonight.

-Les Anderson

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