Thursday, July 28, 2011

Does Jerry Angelo know the lockout is over?

Jerry, what the fuck, man? Do something. Anything. The rest of the NFL is making trades and signing free agents with reckless abandonment. Reggie Bush to the Dolphins, Sidney Rice to Seattle, and the Patriots got Albert Haynesworth for a 5th rounder. And the only thing I've seen come across the wire for the Bears is that they are gonna let Daniel Manning walk to the Texans and that they are looking for a trade partner for Greg Olsen.

Make an offer to anyone, even if its just a token offer, just show us your alive and know the lockout has ended. I get that we spent a lot of money last offseason on Peppers, Chester Taylor, etc. But our o-line is still shitty, we have question marks in the secondary and receiving corps and Brad Maynard is about to sign elsewhere.

We were one sprained ACL from the Super Bowl last year. Now, is not the time to stop acquiring talented players, Jerry. In fact now is the time to be short sighted. Its time to risk the future to win now. So get me a WR, and a OG by 3pm or .....or......or...... I'll make a crazy ultimatum that I'll never stick to, like I do with the Cubs.

In conclusion, just do fucking something, you asshole. And by something I mean WR Mike Sims-Walker and either Alan Faneca or Duece Lutui for offensive guard.

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