Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kylie Biscutti

She won a 2009 live Victoria's Secret model fan voted contest.  She was also a newlywed at the time at 19 years old.  I have not heard much from her since, which is good, she should be reprimanded for being married at 19. 

In fact your hottness should dictate how early/late you can get married, as a way to do the world a service and let the hottest chicks sleep with the most men.  Julie Stiles should have been married at 8 years old, probably to a staircase.  Megan fox on the other hand, 53, at the earliest.

UPDATE:   Who the fuck is this guy?  God Damn it.   The early 90's are over, this guy's slacker appeal should be non existant.  Plus I thought that shit only worked for Ethan Hawke looking model types

Damn this would be a hell of a deflowering

Their wedding website here.  God Im creepy

Its seems her guy is the near the top of some pyramid scheme as well

Fuck all this noise

-Les Anderson

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