Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Roy Williams is the new Butters

Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams is going to court to get back the $76,000 engagement ring he gave to a former beauty pageant winner.

In February, Williams proposed to his girlfriend, Brooke Daniels. When she turned him down, Daniels didn't return the ring. According to Williams' affidavit that was filed in a Texas court last week, he asked for the ring back but was told by Daniels that she had lost it. An insurance investigation later revealed that Daniels' father was in possession of the ring.

Williams has declined to comment for the story, but in an affidavit signed by Williams, he claims he sent $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for Daniels' brother and — as a surprise — a recorded marriage proposal with the ring through the mail just before Valentine's Day to Daniels. However, when Daniels declined the proposal, she did not return the ring.  - Odessa American.

A couple things:

Who tries to keep a ring when you decline the proposal right away.  I could see keeping jewelry she accumulated though out the relationship, but to say no to the proposal right away then keeping the ring?

He could have avoided this whole debacle by proposing in person, so the bitch never had possession of the ring.

He could have ate the 70k instead of letting everyone know he got denied and that he is a clown who proposes through the mail.

It almost sounds like Roy Williams is the guy who thinks he is dating a chick but is actually just taking her out to eat and buying her shit and is never getting any, but in his mind its his girlfriend ala Butters from South Park

-Les Anderson

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