Friday, July 29, 2011

Tell me something I don't know

So how was his relationship with former fiancee Kristin? “Kristin would call Jay a loser and a p**sy, and she’d scream it at him so everyone could hear. They would have fights about Jay being too conceited. They would also argue over how mean he was to people. She would make a point of saying hello to people in the hall, just to piss him off,” our insider laughingly tells us.
In January, they got into a big blow-out argument after Jay injured his knees during the NFL playoffs. He was diagnosed with a MCL sprain. “Kristin called Jay out, saying she thought he was faking the injury and told him he was worthless.”

Everything she says is true.  I never pictured anything else about J.Cuts.  He is an entitled sullen dickhead who didn't play through the pain that great ones would have.  But now he has Roy Williams to throw to so the times be a changin'.

I was being sarcastic, someone kill me now.  I fucking hate Roy Williams and every other move Mike Martz has orchestrated.  The worst thing that ever happened to the bears was the 99 Rams winning the Superbowl. 

God damn it I cant get over this Roy Williams thing.  He has only 1 good year, 1 in like 8 years.  He blames everyone else for everything.  Makes outrageous predictions.  He gets clowned on by chicks.  Its a lose - lose for me.  If he plays well I will be upset cause he is a jag off, and the more likely if he plays shitty, I can take no solace in his demise since it will be tied into the Bears.  He was cool as a cancer fucking up other teams.

Add him to the list.  Right next to Nancy Grace and E from Entourage

-Les Anderson

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