Thursday, July 28, 2011

Terrorist Attack you say? Perfect time to talk about my bench

It is always funny when meat heads try to drop their stats on us common folk at random times. 

"Hey can you help me move this table?  Of course I deadlift 345 so this should be no problem" 

But this is just outragous.  "naturally" haha

Here is a transcript, but I'd listen to the real thing if you can.

Secondly, also for the fact that when the blast went off I was on the eighth repetition of a 165-KG bench press, uh, you know, that’s quite a lot of weight.

“You know we had ceiling and stuff come down around us, we had a lot of confused looking faces, and shortly after we heard an announcement over the speaker phone to evacuate the area as quickly as possible, people started leaving, uh, naturally I finished my sets and then quickly made my way to the second level.”

They guy must know what he is talking about, he was 8 reps in to 165 kg (363 lbs).  So I am taking his lead, God help me if I am not working out when the next terrorist attack happens. 

-Les Anderson

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