Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Top QB recruit, Gunner Kiel, chooses to play for Indiana.... really?

Gunner Kiel is the 19th overall recruit and #1 QB recruit in the nation according to and the Columbus, IN, star picked Indiana over the likes of Notre Dame, Michigan, Missouri, Georgia, Iowa, Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

Kiel said one of the biggest factors was the ability to play with his brother, Dusty, who is currently a redshirt sophomore quarterback in Bloomington. Of course, it surely didn’t hurt that first year head coach Kevin Wilson tutored Sam Bradford,while at Oklahoma,  into becoming the top overall pick of the 2010 NFL draft.

Makes sense. He probably likes hanging out with his high school friends in Indiana, who I'm sure have equally sweet first names.  He can't be bothered during the Christmas break with things like bowl games and BCS Championships. Seriously, if the Hoosiers ever win 8 games they should just shut down the program and go out on top.

This has transfer written all over it. And there had to be cash payments made. No top recruit, especially the top QB in the nation, would seriously consider playing 4 years in Bloomington without financial promises.

 PS-I bet his older brother loves the fact that he is coming to IU to steal his playing time. I fucking hate tag alongs.

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