Friday, August 26, 2011

And thats rat

Housing Authority worker Jose Rivera was photographed with this giant rat at the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn.

The picture shows Housing Authority worker Jose Rivera minutes after he speared the humongous rodent with a pitchfork at the Marcy Houses.
It's covered in white fur and looks well-fed. It appears to be about three feet long, including its hideously dangling tail.
And Rivera, 48, says it's not the only one. He insists that while he was filling a rat hole last week, three came running out - but he was only able to nail one.
"I hit it one time and it was still moving," Rivera said. "I hit it another time and that's when it died. I'm not scared of rats but I was scared of being bitten."

That rat is the coolest thing to come out of the Marcy projects since Jay Z.  Its fucking gross, makes my stomach turn, and I would squeal like a bitch and jump on a table if I saw one scamper by.  But for some reason I picture it with a cool voice holding court on some rat-street corner running the show.  Like the bad guy in Fievel Goes to Brooklyn. 

-Les Anderson

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