Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chris Johnson still scaring me

Since I drafted CJ with the 7th pick (how do I pass?) I really need him to sign and here is some of the latest.

But Michael Lombardi says that’s about to happen.

“The Titans have basically said, ‘We want to get a deal done this week’ and they’ve opened up the bank vault and it looks like they are going to pay him,” Lombardi said on "NFL Titans Access" on Tuesday.

Likewise, Lombardi’s colleague Jason La Canfora tweeted: “Wouldn't be shocked at all if they had a breakthrough by the weekend in time...”

Jim Wyatt says nothing’s changed between the two sides, though they are communicating, and he said he believes the Titans’ reported offer is way low.

Jason Cole paints
the gulf between the two sides as still quite large.

Cole tweeted that Johnson wants $12 million a year and $30 million guaranteed, while the Titans are thinking more like $8 million annually and $20 million guaranteed.
When asked for comment Johnson said, "ah dis shii crazy.  I jis wanna play, and git that money...cant forgit to git dat money ah ah"
I really hope he doesnt pull a Vincent Jackson and sit 10 games.  In fact if Jackson never did that I bet CJ would never even know he had that option.  I hate when people realize they have options*, then its all like "Hey hey slow down... Not tonight...Im a good girl...You need to take me out first" 
*ed note: I actually love when players have options over management, but I need his ass in camp and ready to put up 20+ pts a week
-Les Anderson

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