Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Victory Latin Heartthrob

While female Yankee fans are buzzing about Derek Jeter's new single status, sources on the set of Charlie's Angels in Miami are talking about a growing late-night friendship between his ex Minka Kelly and her costar Ramon Rodriguez.

"We have seen Minka and Ramon talking in his trailer way after hours, and often late into the night," a source on the set tells PEOPLE. "They have been together long after they need to be for the show."

Of course his name is Rrrramon Rrrodrrriguez.  I bet he talks like this*, and touches girls faces unnecessarily like this*.  And tells grand stories about the summers he worked as a fisherman's hand back in Puerrrto Thrrrico.  Ya we get it man you have a cool accent and dance like an asshole anytime something rattles in a song. 

*I know you can't see what this is, but you know.

-Les Anderson

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