Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool present

As lavish birthday gifts go, it’s hard to top this one: Naomi Campbell received an island vacation home for her 41st birthday from her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, according to numerous online reports. 

t’s shaped like the Egyptian Eye of Horus on a location known as Cleopatra Island in Turkey’s Gulf of Gökova.

Spanish Architect Luis de Garrido, who specializes in sustainable building, designed Eco-House Horus to be completely energy, water, and food self-sufficient. As with his other projects, he relied on careful bioclimatic design to solve efficiency challenges.
The resulting eye-shaped, dome-shaped house has no less than 25 bedrooms and five lounges

You know what I got for for my birthday? Oh, it was a banner fucking year at the old Anderson family. I got a carton of cigarettes. The old man grabbed me and said, "Hey, smoke up Johnny Les." Alright? So go home and cry to your Daddy. Don't cry here, okay

This guy doesn't even look bad for a billionaire he looks like a Russian Thomas Jane.  After some mild research it seems he made his money is pre to post communism real estate transactions.  He is pretty mysterious as most billionaires have wikipedias, but not this guy.  Thats all i takes to be mysterious in my eyes, not having a wikipedia.

Look at the shirt, he may be sans the top 4 buttons.  Difficult move to pull outside of spring break but he wears it well

-Les Anderson

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