Friday, September 30, 2011

Delivery driver steals golf clubs from Atlanta Falcon kicker

LBS-According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Falcon’s kicker Matt Bryant had his golf clubsChinese food delivery guy a couple weeks ago.  Police say 22-year-old Kristian Vail walked into Bryant’s open garage, stole his $3,000 bag of clubs, delivered his food, and went on his way. stolen out of his garage by the

Investigators were able to track down the clubs on the internet by using their serial numbers and found that Vail had traded the clubs to a man named Michael Gibson in exchange for 80 Ecstasy pills.

Most of the clubs have been tracked down and returned to Bryant but, according to Braselton Police Assistant Chief Lou Solis, Bryant’s putter remains missing and he is pretty unhappy about it.

My man Vail, here, did what any 22 year old delivery driver would have done. So lets not throw stones. He was looking to party and found that the quickest way was taking the clubs. And trading those clubs for 80 ecstasy pills is a no-brainer. Vail will have plenty of opportunities to steal clubs whereas 80 pills is much harder to come by. I mean, you can get laid like 40 times with 80 pills. At least that's the math they taught at Iowa.

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