Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lets be clear: This guy is still a douche

ESPN's Catching Hell was on last night, and more than anything it brought up the bad memeories of these two days for me. The Cubs should have won this series. We all should have been able to see them play in the World Series that year.

And while its not Steve Bartman's fault that Alex Gonzalez booted the ball, or that Kerry wood couldn't win Game 7, but it is his fault for going to a baseball game with two friends and wearing a walkman the whole game. Seriously, name me one 26 year old that goes to a playoff game wearing headphones to listen to the radio? It just doesn't happen.

The two most interesting parts of the show last night was when they superimposed the entire stadium as empty and showed that Alou would have had the ball. No question about it, Alou's mitt was right under it with 5 inches to go. The second was them showing the fact that Bartman's hands were over the fence, just slightly. It was a violation of the fan interference rule. The umps should have awarded the Cubs the out and Prior would have needed just one more out in the inning.

Everyone on ESPN is sticking up for Bartman, saying everyone was going for the ball and he just happened to be closest. Well this picture contradicts that fact.
I see several people on that wall, moving away, including Bartman's "friend", the lady in the red scarf and both the guys to her left. Everyone sitting on the wall, is aware that Alou has a play except Bartman. The only other people reaching for the ball are people a row or two back from the wall, because they can't see Alou coming.

The truth remains, Alex Gonzalez deserves more blame than Bartman. But I'm getting sick of the media saying Bartman shouldn't be blamed at all. Its ludicrous. Fans need to be aware of there surroundings more, especially those sitting that close to the field.

ps- Dont think I have forgiven Bernie Mac for jinxing us either, At least I know God is a Cubs fan.... too soon? Didn't think so.


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