Friday, October 7, 2011

And Leo has moved on

Leonardo Dicaprio New Girlfriend Alyce Crawford\

He is banging this chick now she is an australian model (aren't they all)

Rumor has it Blake Lively dumped Leo.  She is a 24 year old girl, they don't know the meaning of content.  I assume maybe she was talking out of her ass and tried to prod Leo about something and it went something like this.

BL: Hey I think we need to talk
LD:About what?  The cook on the yacht? He has been making everything really spicy Im scared I'm going to shart when I jump in the water and attract a shark or something.  Is shit like blood?  Either way the food has been way too spicy.
BL: No Im serious.  I am not sure about...
LD: Us.  No worries  You got do you sometimes ya know.  Alright good times.  Stay as long as you want, I have to get back to Sydney anyway for filming.  Hope you find what you're looking for. (Answers phone) In your dreams Maguire.  Im the king of the world is going to ride Rodgers right to the championship for the second straight year (door closes)

-Les Anderson

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