Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't patronize the kid

Patrick Myshrall never told his parents that he was signing up to play varsity football for St. Peter-Marian High School in Worcester, MA. But, his family was in attendance last Friday when he scored his first touchdown, in his first game played. The significance of the moment is that Patrick has Down syndrome, but he has never let it beat him.

What the fuck #5 and 19# had a shot to tackle him.  #5 even had the angle.  I like how they think they are doing him a favor.  Id like to see any of these assholes tackle him once he got upset and realized what direction to go in.

We are going to run into a real problem when one of these super human stregnthed people? learns how to play football.  It can't be that hard to train one to take hand offs and just go full steam to the goal line (my parents cocker spaniel learned in a couple weeks) .  And if someone got Edgerrin James in to the college, it will probably easier to teach one of these guys how to cheat on their college placements exams.

-Les Anderson

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