Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ESPN Body Issue teaser


If you want to see more id go to the espn the magazine.  I suggest you go take a look at some naked chicks and also to realize how far away your doughy body is from ever being a professional athlete.

I had to gank these censored images from


Alicia Sacromone is pretty cute but I'm pretty sure she is banging Brady Quinn so if you have below average talent and above average looks you may be qualified.

Hope Solo ESPN body issue

Hope Solo who's looks are wildly over rater considering her own teammate Alex Morgan is way hotter.


LPGA rookie went to USC and is from Spain.  From what I gather she is probably loose and is all about naps after lunch.


Gretchen Beiler is snowboarder and originally turned down The Mag but then said yes this year.  If she applies this same routine with men I would never have a chance.  I quit easy.  When girls play hard to get, it does not make me want them more at all.  I just figure they don't like me or are too much work and move on, hopefully to bigger sluts who clearly  like me more because they didn't say no.


Sylvia Fowles is a WNBA player what ever that is.  I'm trying to think of the best way include "Fine Nubian Queen" to this post

There are actually way better pics on the site above but there was no cut and paste option so I was out of luck.


That's an ego check if Ive ever seen one.  The thing is his arms look skinny cause he legs are so huge, but I know he has some of the bigger arms in the NBA.  So what I can conclude from all this is he has a huge cannon

- Les Anderson

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