Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Georgia Salpa

She is Greek but is Irish.  She says her boobs are real, claims to have a lazy eye as a kid and dates Calum Best ( who banged Lindsay lohan).

My thoughts, I hope her boobs are real, every hot chick has some ugly duckling story that is 90% never true. Calum Best is a geek.  He claims to be model but Google image him if you must.  He is just the son of the David Beckham of the 60's.  So Beck's kids have lot to look forward.

She looks like a hotter Kim Kardashian or even Vanessa Hudgens

Bra; suspender belt; briefs, Myla, Brown Thomas. Stockings, La Senza

It feels like brunette day.  Expect more along these lines

-Les Anderson

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