Thursday, October 6, 2011

High School Football and rape. You know the regular

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I had sex with the girl. She never said no,” said Whitley, a former Glenbard West High School football player on trial for allegedly assaulting the Rolling Meadows teen last year.
Whitley, now 19, testified Wednesday the girl agreed to the Jan. 29, 2010 sexual encounter with him during a brief phone call earlier that day from his friend and football teammate, Pierre Washington-Steel.
The girl was so cooperative that at one point she gave Washington-Steel driving directions to a friend’s house while performing a sex act in the back seat, Whitley said.
“She told him where to go while she was giving me oral sex,” Whitley said.
Whitley is accused of sexually assaulting the girl in his friend’s car and then dropping her off — barely an hour before the sedan slammed into a utility pole, killing the 17-year-old Washington-Steel and severely injuring Whitley. Both were popular players on Glenbard West’s powerhouse football team during its 2009 season.

The girl testified earlier that Washington-Steel — whom she barely knew — and Whitley picked her up at her home, then forced her to perform sex acts in the car even though she repeatedly told them she didn’t want to have sex.
Following the sexual activity, Whitley and Washington-Steel dropped her off at a friend’s house, the girl testified.

I think we are all wondering the same thing.  I guess we will find out the girl's race when we hear the verdict.

-Les Anderson

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