Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lets keep playing GM: I would rather have Cutler than all but 4 QBs in the NFL

Its basically an argument that if you were drafting a franchise (not fantasy) who would you value more and who would you build a 6-8-10 year dynasty around.  I've made this argument for Cutler going back to last season. The guy throws the ball better than almost everyone, especially on the run. He can fire it in the tiniest of spaces, or he can put a touch pass over the shoulder, and on the spot from 40 yards. But before I start choking, let me take his cock out of my mouth.

 He does make dumb decisions. And his leadership abilities are a fucking joke. He needs to learn to lift players in troubled times, instead of sulking about a false start or a missed route. But he is still a talented passer and I love dickheads, who think they are better than everyone else.

Obviously if I needed to win this year or next, Brady and Brees would be on the list too. But Cutler (28) is 6 years younger than guys like Brady or Manning and isn't a midget like Brees. But I'd argue that if he were in those offenses he'd have similar numbers.

So again I base these rankings mostly on age, arm strength, and overall talent as a passer.

1- Aaron Rodgers- age 27- Head and shoulders above everyone else. Fuck the Packers.

2- Cam Newton -age 22- This kid has obviously surprised everyone with his play so far this season. He is making plays with his arm more than his feet. I saw him live this year at Soldier and he looks bigger than Julius Peppers. He's the black Big Ben, meaning stronger and faster, but a slightly worse pure passer at this stage of hsi career. He is the real deal.

3- Philip Rivers-age 29- Most similar to Cutler of any QB in the league. Big arm, can throw well on the run, and is a cocky prick. Big fan of his.

4- Big Ben- age 29- Still has plenty of years in him, even though he seems older than 29. He gets the nod over guys like Romo and Cutler is because of his play making ability and size. Championships help too but thats more of a team achievement, and I argue shouldn't be a as big of a factor as age and talent..... (Basically i think Brady gets helped by being in a Belicheck system and that Cutler could win titles with him too.)

Arguments Can Be Made:
Vick- 30- isnt old but he gets injured quite a bit.
Eli- 30 - very close to Cutler in ability and arm. Not as good with his feet.
Romo-31- older and not as talented a passer, one of most overrated in the league.

Definitely Better Than:
Stafford- that shoulder scares me, but he is close to be being in the argument
Bradford- See Stafford
Brady- too old, bad knee
 Brees- too short, shit on his face
Peyton- old, injured

Not close:
Flacco, Ryan, Sanchez, Freeman, Palmer, Fitzpatrick, Kolb, Smith, Cassel

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  1. awful analysis. Get a fucking clue