Friday, October 14, 2011

News. of the. Weird!

BEZIERS, France -- Police say a teacher in France who immolated herself in the school yard in front of students died Friday of her injuries, AFP reports. 

The math teacher was hospitalized Thursday with third-degree burns after attempting to take her own life by walking onto the playground of a high school with a can of fuel and lighting herself on fire.

Parents and students at the scene Thursday said the 44-year-old teacher had a difficult relationship with several students in her math class who described her teaching style as too strict.

They had a meeting to clear the air Wednesday which became rowdy, AFP reports.
The teacher reportedly came to school Thursday morning with a gas can, taught a class at 9:00am local time and then, when the morning break came, walked to the center of the yard, poured the fuel on herself and set herself alight, AFP reports

Hey, probably works better than switching the lights on and off again really fast.  


A former model convicted of killing her husband and then eating parts of his body in 1991 was denied parole Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Omaima Nelson was sentenced to between 27 years and life for murdering her 56-year-old husband William Nelson over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1991, then dismembering and cooking parts of his body in their Costa Mesa, Calif., apartment.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Randy Pawloski, who prosecuted the case, said Nelson -- a former Egyptian model who immigrated to the US in 1986 -- cooked her husband's head on the stove, skinned his torso and fried his hands in oil.

At one point during the murder investigation, the then 27-year-old Nelson admitted dipping parts of her cooked husband's body into barbecue sauce and tasting it.

1. We throw around the word model way too loosely.  I guess if you have been paid to model you have technically been model, they I was once a snow shoveler in 6th grade, but everyone knows what they are doing when the call someone a model.  I clearly clicked on the article cause it said, model denied parole killed and ate her former husband.

2. BBQ sauce is the obvious choice if you are trying to ease yourself into human meat.  Are humans considered red meat or white?

-Les Anderson

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