Thursday, October 27, 2011

No excuses ladies

Before: Jennifer was 200lbs after the birth of her second sonJennnifer

See this sack of potatoes above, her name is Jennifer Nicole Lee and was at 200lbs after her second kid.  Now she is fitness expert after losing a bunch of weight and slangs a bunch of shit for shitload of money since her story was on Oprah.

Why am I talking about it?  Cause she looks like this now

Thread: Jennifer Nicole Lee
jennifer nicole lee  jennifer_nicole_lee_bikini_miami_beach_october_26_2011_7

What would be awesome if it was two different people the whole time.  Like there is some fat chick mastermind sitting in penthouse watching her stacks grow and pounding Friendly's (seriously check out their menu).  And this replaceable Miami beach gold digger is hugely rich and famous but they both need each other to keep facade up and the story secret.  Sounds like a Lifetime movie to me.

-Les Anderson

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