Friday, October 14, 2011

Please god don't let this be true

Victoria Justice Lebron James

Is basketball star LeBron James secretly dating Victoria Justice, teen star of the hit Nickelodeon series “Victorious”? According to our sources and this photo of them getting cozy in Miami, the answer is yes!

Apparently LeBron and Victoria have been going out for a few months now, but both agreed to keep the relationship under wraps to protect their public images. - celebjihad,com

I dont know what kind of sources has, but if they are anything like our sources we can safely say this is not true.  I assume they just looked at the pictures from The World Wide Day of Play and jumped to conclusions.  

By that reaearch she is getting tag teamed

Michelle Obama too Lebron!  This affair goes right to the top.

Bitches do get star struck though and there is no good reason why a girl wouldn't want to date Lebron.  He probably is great in bed considering he can never finish. Zing!  My problem is, I'm sick of pro athletes getting all the girls.  Lebron, Andy Roddick, Lamar Odom!

-Les Anderson

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