Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rom Com, its what we in the biz call a romantic comedy

I can basically watch anything on HBO so I see a lot shitty movies including romantic comedies. And every time I see Cameron Diaz or Kathryn Heigl  I wonder what Anna Farris didn't get this role since she is hot funny and doesn't make hate women.  On similar note every time I see Ashton Kutcher or Ashton Kutcher I wonder why Chris Evans didn't get the role since he seems to not be Ashton Kutcher.

So now I have it and its rated R and there looks to be a scene where Evans is wearing a zip up hoodie without an undershirt and I do the same thing.  Weird, I knew we would have so much in common.

But I'm sure since I think this movie will be good it will bomb and we will go back to Kathryn Heigl as a single sassy girl who loves to hate the new bad boy in her life over and over again for the next 5 years.

chris evans 2 wallpapers and stock photos

Didn't expect that last pic did you?  Well enjoy

-Les Anderson

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