Monday, October 3, 2011

Rumor has it .....Epstein to the Cubs

                      (young, rich, strong jaw line... I think Les would approve this hire)

 According to Hardballtalk, Theo Epstein is closer to leaving Boston and will join the Cubs as their GM. This is huge news, but more importantly- exciting news. You can’t blame Theo for getting the attention he deserves from an organization like the Cubs in desperate need of a good baseball man at the top- but I don’t want to be too excited over the news until anything is official.
Tom Ricketts has no choice but to hire a big name GM in this spot- so I expect the Cubs to go all out in the pursuit for the games number 1 GM. We will continue to update you as this story grows.

We'll this would be something. Currently the best baseball mind in the Cubs front office is Tom Fucking Ricketts. Think about that. The dumbass owner who thinks its cute to parade around all over town with that shit eating grin on his face, as his team finishes its third straight losing season, and has a baseball IQ of 0, is in charge of baseball operations right now.

We need a great GM and we needed him yesterday. I dont care if it's Epstein or Andrew Friedman, any 30 year old jew with the mind of a champion will do. Also if its not too much to ask, we also need Tito Francona or Joe Madden.

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