Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So this is where we are at with this


No this is not a local production of the Rocky Horror Picture show.  This is a Christina Aguilera at the Michael Jackson Tribute in London.

What in the world is deal with hot pop stars losing their minds and bodies?  Why cant people go crazy without gaining weight and looking like hell.  I mean seriously, I can't picture exactly what is going on Hollywood but I'd be hard pressed to think these chicks party much harder than I do (pats his back while shaking his head) and I'm as healthy as a horse, an alcoholic 29 year old horse but that's just on the inside.

I know its probably self esteem issue that keeps a lot of people in shape and worried about their looks and a lot of mega stars don't have that problem so they don't see themselves losing it.  But on the other hand they get their picture taken so much you would think they would be self conscious.

Either way lets take a trip down memory lane.

Now this is the type of tight spot Id love to slide into

Nothing wrong with getting a wee bit thicker so long you are getting sluttier to even it out.

This is still very manageable

"We need clean up and aisle 7, I think its Christina Aguilera, and she is pouring Cookie Crisp and melted cheese into a funnel and beer bonging it.

christina aguilera michael jackson  128790333

Chew on this too

-Les Anderson

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