Tuesday, October 11, 2011

T2, Tebow Time: Rise of the Virgins

According to a report from Fox Sports, Broncos head coach John Fox is expected to name Tebow the new starting quarterback on Tuesday–which would be no surprise considering his second-half performance against the Chargers on Sunday. After Orton completed just 6 of 13 passes for 34 yards with one interception, Tebow stepped in and rallied the Broncos’ offense by running for a touchdown and throwing for another–even though their comeback fell short in the 29-24 loss.

Its about time.  I never liked Old Neckbeard in the first place.  May as well see what God's chosen son has to offer.  When does Tebow get married? When does he unleash a load like no load ever before it.  I mean he has passed on more pussy then girls you have met your life.  What if his load shoots right out the back of his wife? What if he gets her pregnant with 30 kids and she dies that way since he would not abort any of of them?

How do you say no to hot chicks?  If a hot chick wanted to she could walk up to me right now take my wallet, the clothes of back, slap me in the face, spit in my eye and get a thank you out of me if she so chose to.

If he ended up being gay I would have no problem with it.  In fact I would buy a Tebow Jersey the second I heard he was gay

-Les Anderson

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