Friday, October 7, 2011

Tony Romo fucked Chris Cooley's wife

Here’s the scoop from a reliable source, “I have caught wind from a source that the reason for Chris Cooley’s animosity towards Romo was due to a fling (sex) Romo had with Cooley’s hot wife over 2 years ago. I’m sure this story will hit the wires in the next day or so but you heard it here first! (unless someone already spilled the beans to you)” Now Cooley’s comments make much more sense in context…Romo was single two years ago and Cooley’s wife is incredibly hot…This could very well be just a rumor, or someone possibly trying to plant a story, but a story I kind of find myself believing.  -TO

Yeah he fucked her. The guy does everything right. Great athlete, great golfer, Midwestern charmer, and fucks hot blonds. I'm still sticking to the fact that I'd rather have Cutler than Romo leading my football team, and I know that's not the popular choice...but its the right choice.

Cooley kill yourself...... Slut Wife call me.

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