Monday, October 3, 2011

Top 5 things I learned at Soldier Field yesterday

- Hester still has it.

- Our safeties still don't know how to play the Tampa 2.

- The O-Line either learned to run block or the Panthers suck at stopping the run. Ill go with option B.

- Julius Peppers has been MIA for 3 weeks now.

- The number one thing I learned at Soldier Field: My friend is banging Jenna Cutler.

Now, I have to stick up for my boy here, because she looks a little chubby in these picks, and I'm sure her moving from Denver to Chicago and getting deep dished in this city hasn't helped. But it's not really about her looks. Its about being able to walk up to Cutler some day and saying "I tore up your sister's love mitt... Deal with it".

PS- 2-2 after facing the Pack, Falcons and Saints isn't the end of the world. Only having 5 home games left may be a problem though.

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