Thursday, October 27, 2011

Was that the greatest World Series Game of my lifetime?

  7 lead changes and 4 ties throughout the game. Big home runs late in the game for the Rangers. Equally as big, was the clutch hitting of the Cardinals. Two, two-out, down-to-their-last-strike comebacks in the 9th and 10th innings? A walk off by the guy who dropped a pop earlier in the game? Shit was crazy. It was some of the best baseball of the season.
    Jack Morris' 10 inning complete game, 1-0 win in Game 7 in the 1991 World Series vs John Smoltz and the Atlanta Braves is the only other game that I could think of in my lifetime. There have been walk offs like Joe Carter off Mitch Williams in the 1993 Series, and Luiz Gonzales vs the Yanks in 2001. But last nights game from the first pitch on was solid action.

PS- Am I a bad Cubs fan for rooting for the Cardinals last night? I was really just rooting for a GAME 7. Because those are the two greatest words in a sports fans vocabulary, right? I felt dirty doing it. God knows I hate the Cardinals more than any other team. But its Game 7. The last time there was a game 7 in sports, Vancouver almost burned down.

But you're right , I was wrong to do it. Fuck the Cardinals.

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