Friday, October 7, 2011

Why does Beiber consume my every thought

Superstar teen idol Justin Bieber raked in $53 million-plus last year, but the 17-year-old still needs to ask Mommy's permission for sleepovers, so when Disney cutie galpal Selena Gomez suggested a pajama party at her pad after a late dinner at swanky Mastro's in BevHills, Justin whipped out his (don't get ahead of me here, folks!) cell phone in the limo, called home - and after a brief conversation told his honey excitedly: "Mom said it was okay!"

1. I knew he was rich but holy shit 53 mil! 
2. Why not patronize his mom for 10 more months till get gets his hands on the tower of money.  Im sure he can find somewhere in his mansion to fingerblast his bird.
3. Why is he dressed like me in 8th grade?

-Les Anderson

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