Friday, October 28, 2011

Why is CJ Wilson not starting tonight?

ST. LOUIS -- Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter will pitch Game 7 of the World Series Friday night, while left fielder Matt Holliday will not play because of a wrist injury. Carpenter will oppose Matt Harrison following a spectacular Game 6, in which St. Louis rallied twice to win 10-9 in 11 innings. Carpenter won Game 1 of the Series and pitched seven strong innings in Game 5 on Monday. In three postseason starts, Harrison hasn't pitched more than five innings.

If a 36- year-old Carpenter can go on three days rest, so should a 30- year-old Wilson. Especially considering he is a free agent to be and probably headed for a big contract somewhere else. And CC Sabathia excluded, he is the best free agent on the market. Some team will definitely overpay for his services and the Rangers need to realize this.

They should have run him out their every 4 days and thrown his damn arm out, a la the Brewers and CC in 2007. But that's the price you pay to get championships in major league baseball. Its not the NFL, there is no parody in MLB. When you're this close to winning it all, you do what the Cardinals are doing, and throw your best starting pitcher with at least three days rest.

 Its seriously a fucking joke that Wilson isn't starting this game. He should be ashamed of himself. But after further research (i.e. Wikipedia) it seems as though Wilson is a real douche....

Wilson is a devoted Taoist and adheres to a "Straight Edge" way of life (abstaining from alcohol, illegal drugs, and promiscuous sex in order to maintain health).[9] As a sign of his choice of being Straight Edge, Wilson has the words "Straight Edge" tattooed along the length of his torso, Japanese characters on his shoulder that read "Poison Free" and "XXX" stitched on his blue glove as a straight edge symbol.

No drinking, drugs or casual sex. What does he do. Seriously, how does he spend his hours when he's not playing baseball. I have so many questions, now. But I know one thing's for sure, I can't respect a guy like this. Maybe it is best that he sit this one out.

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