Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You be the Judge

Daily Camera -A University of Colorado freshman was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault and bias-motivated crime after making derogatory remarks about Asian food, then punching and choking a half-Asian student who objected, according to CU police. Thomas Frank Ross, 19, is accused of attacking Christopher Tetreault, 18, late Friday night. Tetreault suffered a broken nose. Both men are students and live in Buckingham Hall. Ross was taken to Boulder County Jail, but later released.  According to a police report, Tetreault and Ross both were with a larger group that was playing video games. Tetreault told police that Ross blamed him for a bad smell in the room because he “eats all those Asian noodles.”  Tetreault told police he swore at Ross, who then punched and choked him, the report said. Tetreault said he threw a Monster Energy drink at Ross in an attempt to stop the attack.

God I miss college more and more every day.

I can picture this exact situation going down in Anycollegetown, USA. Because anytime there is a bad smell, the only logical person to blame for it, is the nearest foreigner. I mean, this Asian kid was just in the wrong place, at the wrong time. This obvious frat master, Ross, was gonna blame the smell on the first foreigner he saw. If it was a middle eastern kid he saw first, he would have cracked a curry joke, etc. But the Asian kid was closest, so he let him have it. Case closed. Suck a dick with AIDS on the tip. Not guilty.


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