Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Martz wants ASU job, I want Tice to be named OC immediately

Rumor has it Bears offensive coordinator is lobbying for the head coaching vacancy at Arizona State. So the writing is on the wall that Martz is gone after this season. In fact, he turned down a contract extension last offseason.

And this is more than fine with me, except I have one thing to add. Martz should be let go of his duties immediately. If he wants to go lobby for a college gig, then fine let him. Mike Tice should be the offenseive coordinator going forward anyways. The Bears have been more run oriented then pass oriented going back to the middle of last season.

Its not going out on a limb to say Tice is the better fit for the Bears. Its the reason the Bears front office turned down the Vikings request last season to interview Tice for their OC position. And its usually unheard of to decline a coach the chance to interview for a higher position with another organization.

That is how highly Tice is thought of within the Bears organization. He has worked miracles with the offensive line. Now the time has come for Tice to be in charge of the entire offense.

If this chick turns out to be retarded, I am truly sorry...

But I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Tears in the eyes, like you read about.

But seriously those other girls need to keep up better, cause the bitch in white is nailing the dance.  (unlike the girl in the post below)

Rule #1 of breaking dancing is......

Know your fucking routine. That's it, just know your routine. Otherwise you mess up the whole thing for everyone. Just know where to be and when to be there....its that easy bitch. So just stick with the program and you won't get a size 10.5 to the grill.

Now get up.

So? I do sweet shit all the time too

Naked dude gets kicked out of bar, runs on top of car, then breaks knee cap on the dismount

Naked dudes get all the chicks, don't they? I mean he had two sluts picking his clothes up and dragging him out of the street. His huge cock helps, but the naked part is what seals the deal for these sluts. Well played sir. Sucks about your knees though.

Kenny Powers to return in February

Everyone’s favorite flamethrower is officially back…HBO announced yesterday that Eastbound & Down will return for eight weeks beginning Feb. 19….If you’re unfamiliar with  Kenny Powers, well, he’s one of the greatest fictional athletes of all time…Season 3 hijinks will resume in Shelby, N.C.  where Kenny will try to win back ex -girlfriend April Buchanon – who was missing during season 2 when Kenny and crew went to Mexico…Kenny will also be spending time with best bud Stevie and his new wife Maria.

This is great news. Everyone loves La Flama Blanca. Plus we get April Buchanon's titties back on tv.

Cubs sign and plan to start David Dejesus in right field

According to Ken Rosenthal of, the Cubs have signed outfielder David DeJesus.
The terms of the contract aren't yet known, but Rosenthal writes that he'll be the Cubs' everyday right fielder. DeJesus, who turns 32 next month, batted .240/.323/.376 with 10 home runs, 46 RBI and a .698 OPS over 506 plate appearances this season. The A's offered him arbitration to the Type B free agent last week, so they will receive a sandwich pick in next year's First-Year Player Draft. 

I really hope Ken Rosenthal is wrong here. I hope DeJesus is just going to be a 4th outfielder for us. Becasue I don't see how a 32 year old, with his career numbers can be considered a starter. He doesn't have great speed or great power. However he has hit over .300 in a season, twice. And he has a career average of .284. He had his worst year last year, so maybe this is a nice buy low for Team Epstein.

But if this contract is more than a year or two and/or worth more than 4 million annually its not a quality negotiation by Theo. Either way, next week baseball has its winter meetings in Dallas, and the free agent signings and trade announcements should start pouring in. Gotta love the HOT STOVE.
-Current rumors-

-Both Marmol and Santos are being pursued by several teams

-Pujols turned down 9 yr 198 mil deal last January

- Aramis Ramirez will sign with the Tigers or the Angels

- Cubs in on Pujols and Fielder because there aren't many big bats available in the next couple of offseasons thru free agency.

- CJ Wilson asking for 5 yr 100 mil

- Buehrle being pursued by as many as 8 teams

DeJesus deal is 2 yrs 10 mil.

Big Ten looking for "seat fillers" for Title Game

The inaugural Big Ten Championship Game is nearly upon us, and fans are lining up to purchase tickets for this must-see event. Well, not exactly.

While Wisconsin and Michigan State fans will flock to Indy for this game because their teams each have a shot at the Rose Bowl, there’s not much of a buzz surrounding it from a national standpoint.

This has prompted criticism, a fair amount of solid Twitter jokes, and one of the most amazing Craigslist adds ever created. We’re not sure what exactly this is, if it’s truly real (more on that in sec) but it’s, well, awesome.
And for those unwilling to click on the link, here it is.

Event Seat-Filler (Indianapolis / Downtown)

Date: 2011-11-29, 9:24PM EST

Saturday night event in downtown Indianapolis needs seat-fillers. Total number of seat-fillers needed will vary based on crowd.

Must tolerate loud noise and crowds. Must have red or dark green casual clothing to wear. Event will last all evening on Saturday night. All ages, sexes, races, etc. 

Please use contact e-mail. Event planner will follow-up with exact details on location for staging of seat-fillers (additional information and instruction provided there). 
  • Location: Indianapolis / Downtown
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: 75 dollars, parking validation and access to event
A joke, you say?

Well, here’s the response one “interested” client passed along that he received after following up.

Thanks for expressing interest in helping us fill empty seats on Saturday night. We have gotten your e-mail address, and will be sending out details Saturday morning to match the expected number of needed seat-fillers. Our client has asked for discretion about this opportunity, as “seat-filling” is behind-the-scenes aspect of this event production.

On the day of the event event, we will designate a parking garage and validate your parking. Seat fillers will be assigned seats inside or near the event close to the event start time. We expect fillers will need to be checked in around 6:30pm on Saturday. The event itself begins shortly after 8pm, and we expect it to conclude close to midnight. You will receive payment at the end of the evening upon turning in the paperwork given to you at the beginning of the evening.

No experience is necessary, and there are no age, sex, or race requirements. We are asking that all participants wear red or dark green t-shirts and/or hats.

This is an exciting opportunity to be paid to see a live sporting event! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

This is a total embarrassment for the Big Ten, MSU and Wisconsin. I'd expect this from the likes of Illinois, Indiana, Purdue or Northwestern fans, but not out of these two schools.  

Although it does make a strong case for why Bowl committees always select Iowa or Michigan over other schools in the conference. So they don't have to get "seat fillers" for their bowls. 

Also am I the only one who thinks its ridiculous to have this game in a dome, when not one team in the conference plays in a dome. This is the Big Ten, where we play outside no matter the weather. 

Commissioner Delaney should be ashamed of his performance lately. Leaders? Legends? You fucking faggot. You need to make a power play and break up the Big 12. Take Texas, OU, Oklahoma St and Kansas and make the Big Ten a 16 team super conference.

 If you have read this far... congrats, you win.

Fatty gets TKO by mechanical bull

Sorry for showing a hideous fatty, please accept this next video as an apology.... Also I'm craving mexican for lunch with all these latinas on the site today. Does anyone know a good taco stand with a rub and tug near by?

90's NBA legends set to play exhibition games in Asia

Just because the NBA lockout is over, that doesn’t mean basketball exhibitions have to end.  Per The Basketball Jones, a group of NBA stars from the 1990s will head to China to play an exhibition game.  Some of the stars include Scottie Pippen, Gary Payton, Penny Hardaway, and Dennis Rodman.

These are the players I grew up with so I'm hoping this is going to be televised for the US fans. I mean I would definitely pay to see this game played at the UC.

But I have two questions: 1- Why did Voshon Leonard and Mark Blount get invited? I mean even if you couldn't get a former all star, how 'bout at least getting a former starter. Maybe a Tyrone Hill or even a white guy would have been better than those two for fuck's sake.

And my second question is; Which player on these rosters is the most broke? Scottie's every move wreaks of desperation, so I guess its him. But I'm also gonna say half these guys have or are on their way to filing for bankruptcy. The directors of this exhibition tour should really pay the winning team more if they want a better product on the floor that night. Just saying.

Bikini Soccer Match

You're welcome.

Is this the best frisbee catch ever?

 To answer the question, it is the greatest frisbee catch ever, but its also the only video I've ever seen of a frisbee catch sooooooo, I guess my opinion doesn't mean much.

Wow that was dynamite stuff.... these blogger classes are really paying off, huh?

The Great One forces his daughter to quit twitter

Paulina Gretzky, the very attractive daughter of hockey legend Wayne, abruptly quit twitter this week. This is a sad day for the internet because Paulina Gretzky was extremely prolific when it came to tweeting photos of her and her gorgeous posse. This is a sampling of her work, which is spread out all over the web. How big of a deal is the shuttering of her twitter account? The Associated Press wrote about it

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stanley from The Office has a dance video out....

Hey Stanley, its not a good sign when I can't tell if something is a joke or not. Good luck with your new career though.

Trump's new golf course in Scotland looks solid, only to be outdone by Dutch Docklands floating course

Looks nice but this floating course in Maldives is a true one of a kind....

It was announced about a year ago that there were plans to build a floating golf course in the Maldives. It looks like those plans will actually be carried out very soon according to

Here are the details on the course being built by Dutch Docklands, Waterstudio.NL, and Troon Golf from
“Located five minutes from the Maldives airport, the 18-hole golf course will include luxurious accommodations, which overlook the green fairways and the surrounding reef. The golf course is doubly groundbreaking as it will be built on floating platforms, making it the first floating golf course, and it is also designed to minimize its impact on the surrounding ecosystem.”
“The artificial floating islands will incorporate technologies such as water cooling, water desalination, and the use of floating solar blanket fields. Underwater tunnels will connect the holes and facilities together, while allowing golfers to experience the reef.”

Anybody else starting Tebow in fantasy these days?

PS- I love God. God is Great.

Spud Webb to coach a team of strippers

Former Atlanta Hawks NBA Dunk champ Anthony “Spud” Webb has accepted his latest challenge – coach of a newly formed team of shapely women from Rick’s Cabaret in New York City. Webb was introduced to the media at a news conference today at the gentlemen’s club called the “No. 1 strip club in New York"

I don't really have anything to comment on here, I just found this interesting since I like Spud Webb and I like strippers. Another reason I can't comment  is because I have no idea what the fuck is going on. Are these strippers playing against different strip clubs around the city or is this an inter-squad scrimmage. So many big questions surround this diminutive man.

Asians doing some sort of hip hop, ninja dance routine

What. The. Fuck. Not about the dance but about that asian kid in the blue flood pants and yellow and gray kids shirt. Is he not the weirdest looking dude you've ever seen. Made me laugh out loud, he looks so awkward.

PS- The poor black kids outside the United Center really need to step their game up now. What? Its true.

Deer tries to smush with a blond girl

First off the gay cameraman, can kill himself. He ruined a perfectly good zoophilia porn, with his whinny voice.

Secondly, that bitch loved the attention. Look at her, she loved that it was her and not her friend getting humped in the woods. I bet she would have fucked him if the camera wasn't there too. There's no doubt in my mind actually.

And what did she think was gonna happen when she pranced through that deer's home with those yoga pants on. Typical slut, throwing it in your face then seconds later screaming assault.

Its absolutley absurd. Its like these chicks in yoga pants knocking on your door and you not humping them....its just not gonna happen. I think they call it science.

P Diddy's kid commits to UCLA over Iowa, Illinois

Most high school football recruits don’t commit to a school a day after its head coach is fired.

But Justin Combs isn’t most football recruits.

He is the son of Sean Combs, a.k.a. P. Diddy, and the two-star cornerback recruit from New Rochelle, NY, announced his decision to play for UCLA shortly after head coach Rick Neuheisel was informed he won’t be back on the Bruins sideline next fall on Sunday.

“I’m committed to UCLA,” Combs said, according to “I was silently committed to UCLA for a while, but now was the time.”

“I have faith in the program that everything will be OK,” said Combs about the coaching change. “My love for UCLA is so strong. I trust and know that everything will work out.”

As we mentioned while profiling Combs earlier, he is an undersized (5-9, 175 pounds) corner that blew up on the 7-on-7 circuit. Other schools interested in Combs’ services were Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee Tech and Wyoming, according to Rivals.

This kid is a 2 star recruit? That's Division III talent as far as I'm concerned, but as far as him not coming to Iowa, I have mixed feelings. My first thought is this midget won't work hard enough to ever see the field in the first place.

But my second thought was that if he did pick the Hawkeyes, maybe it would have given us an edge on some other recruits who might want to be a part of his celebrity. We definitely need more swag... oh yeah and a QB that can read coverages would help too.

Very entertaining cat fight in Atlantic City

This is some solid, weak-punching, hair-pulling, kicking-from-the-ground action. Also, the thongs out made me watch it twice. Good work ladies. My only question is how many of these trash balls work in a hair salon in a strip mall in Jersey?

Ozzie Guillen gets married again....

According to his blog, the new Miami Marlins manager got all romantical with his wife Ibis and, with his sons by his side, well, just read.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I had a great time down in Panama and actually had a chance to do something that I had only done once before — I renewed my vows.  After 28 years of being married, I decided it was time. I did it all on my own; my wife had no clue.

You wore white so you could hide, cause you're a tramp...I mean , fuck, Mrs Guillen looks like she could give a mean rub and tug. But I still wanna punch all three of their kids in the face.

Lax and Hockey Fights

I have to have this....


Jersey Sports Fan just nailed Thanksgiving Break

"If you wanna be laughing in January, you better be straight faced today. Cause its a must win". Are you listening Caleb Hanie?

This gut could be in any city USA, and it would be spot on. Literally, the south suburbs are filled with this guy.

Monday, November 28, 2011

UFC's Chael Sonnen continues to impress me....

In a recent interview with Las Vegas Weekly, Sonnen went after the UFC’s #1 sweetheart, Ocatgon girl Arianny Celeste. Sonnen will co-host the 2nd annual World MMA Awards and was asked who he was pulling for in the Ring Girl of the Year category.

We only had one and that was Chandella [Powell]. The other was the IQ card girl. Arianny [Celeste] kind of walks around and holds up her latest test score. One time when there was a title fight, she got all the way up to five and we were very proud of her.

This is one of the most random beefs I can remember. Octagon girls have had minor spats with fighters in the past, but nothing quite as insulting as this. Arianny, like an modern woman would, responded on Twitter.

Then Chael responded.

Seems easy to wear a bikini and seems easy to walk in a circle, but try walking in a circle while wearing a bikini. Talented girl!

Say what you will about Sonnen's personality, but at least he knows how to bring attention to the sport. I'm not sure why Sonnen is beefing with Celeste's hot ass but I also don't really care. His wit is above that of most other fights. Now, he just needs to beat Anderson Silva, which won't be as easy as picking on a 90lb chick.

Guy tattoos pile of shit on girlfriend's back after he finds out she's cheating

Tattoo artist, Ryan L. Fitzjerald was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit last week by his ex-girlfriend Rossie Brovent. She claims that her boyfriend was supposed to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back but instead tattooed an image of a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around it."

It turns out that Rossie had been cheating on Ryan with one of his oldest friends, but rather than confront her, Ryan hatched a plan. He got Rossie to sign a waiver saying that the design of the tattoo was up to the "artist's discretion" and then went to work.

This is an awesome story. The best part is the guy was able to deceive her into signing a waiver. And because she is a woman, it wasn't that hard to trick her. (thanks God and salutes penis)

British Bitch pulls a John Rocker on the train

How come this bitch didn't get knocked out? Like what more did she need to say to get blasted in the face. Now a man can't hit her, but one of those black bitches could have and definitely should have.

And fuck her kid too, he's just a little racist in training.  White with blond hair and blue eyes. He is basically Hitler's nirvana.... or Jerry Sandusky's wet dream.

Illinois High Schooler rushes for 515 yds in championship game.... and losses

ASD- If I were to tell you that Joliet Catholic junior running back Ty Isaac ran for 376 yards, your eyes might pop. But, what if I were to tell you that that was just his first half total? And then I went on to say that his team lost the game? You probably wouldn't believe me, but it's true. Isaac, finished the game with 515 rushing yards and six touchdowns. He scored on runs of 71, 63, 56, 66, 2 and 69 yards. Isaac is being recruited by Arizona State and Notre Dame amongst others. 

But his Joliet Catholic was still beaten 70-45 by Montini.


So who was responsible for putting up 70 for Montini? Enter senior wide receiver Jordan Westercamp (pictured), stage left. Westercamp's first half wasn't too shabby either as he hauled in six catches for 131 yards and two touchdowns. But it was his second half that brought Montini back from their 31-28 halftime deficit. 

Westercamp,who is committed to Nebraska, finished the game with 11 catches for 331 yards and five touchdowns, including second half scores from 5, 69 and a title game record 94 yards. The 331 yards receiving was also a state record. Westerkamp will go out as the state’s all-time leader in career receptions (269), receiving yards (4,355) and touchdowns (66).  He leaves Montini with three state championships.

These are like video game numbers. Kinda sucks the kid had a career game in his biggest game and still lost. Its gotta sting a little. My advise would be to sign with ASU and forget that your from Joliet for awhile. 

Also, if you're this Westercamp kid... why go to Nebraska? They haven't had one wideout drafted into the NFL since Irving Fryar in the '80's. Big mistake kid.

Stevie Johnson did the best touchdown dance ever yesterday.

"The Plaxico" is a great TD dance, kinda surprised no one did it yet. Also, I wish this would become Steve Johnson's thing.

Like everytime, he actually hung onto a touchdown pass, he would imitate the opponents crimes. Kill a dog vs the Eagles, assault a girl in a bathroom stall vs the Steelers, maybe even pretend to stab someone vs the Ravens. Although he may want to stay away from offending defensive players and just stick to jabs at pussies like Plaxico.

He also may want to learn how to not drop game winning passes. But whatever, Stevie is good for the game. We needed someone to step up their showmanship after Chad OchoCinco retired. Oh, he didn't retire?, ouch... kill yourself Chad...catching balls in Cincinnati isn't looking so bad now huh?

Tyson sings Girl from Ipanema

Serious question: has there ever been a convicted rapist more loved than Mike Tyson? Marinate on that for awhile.

Somersault kick TKO


Two 73-year old former CFL players, Joe Kapp (former B.C. Lions’ and Minnesota Vikings quarterback, actor, Cal head coach and B.C. GM) and Angelo Mosca (former Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ defensive tackle and professional wrestler) got into a fight recently and it was slightly disturbing. They exchanged cane blows, punches, bull rush moves and more at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver on Friday, Nov. 25, just two days before the Grey Cup.  Not the best look for either former player.

According to Sports Grid the bad blood goes back to their playing days:

Mosca put a hit on BC running back Willie Fleming that many thought was dirty, Kapp included. Apparently, Kapp wouldn’t shake Mosca’s hand after the game. Hence, bad blood. 48 years’ worth of bad blood, to be exact.

Well all I know is if you are gonna swing your cane you better be ready to defend yourself. Or at least be able to stand and fight. My favorite part though was the awkward aftermath where the old bully explains he was just being a good sport by trying to put a flower in his rivals hair. I didn't even know Canadians knew how to bully.

We have a new best catch of the college season....

And here's an excitable Lou Holtz...spittle everywhere

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Arkansas Razorback tailgate fights are good. Racial. But good. They want a national title so bad the fans are fighting their own fans. Oh the pageantry of college football.

Hockey fight videos continue to roll in

This one comes from Canada's junior league. The kid in white obviously needs to pick his battles better.

You know those kids that get kidnapped and end up on Court TV, and everyone blames the parents but no one ever finds the kids......

 ...Maybe Kelly Clarkson ate them

Kenny Williams house robbed by the worlds dumbest thief

  Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams was the victim of robbery when his home was broken into recently and articles of clothing, a set of keys, and his 2005 World Series ring were stolen by quite possibly the strangest, and worst, burglar ever.

    The alleged thief, 51-year-old Wayne L. Field III of Chicago, broke into the Williams’ house sometime between November 19-21.  While inside the residence, Field apparently made himself right at home, knowing the Chicago general manager was out of town.
From NBC Chicago
Williams confirmed the incident and said the man drank his beer, ate frozen pizza, surfed the internet and kicked his shoes off on the bed.
During the burglary, Field left behind a hospital bracelet with his name on it, police said.  Field returned some time later and was seen peeking into the home. 

Police found him wearing Williams’ clothes and the GM’s 2005 World Series ring.

The article also went on to say that he defrosted a lobster so you know this guy has phenomenal taste too.

I'll give my man Wayne Field some credit here though, when he does something , he does it big.

But he lacked execution here. Obviously mistake number 1 was not pawning the ring immediately. Can't just be sashaying all over town with someone elses 2005 World Series Ring. Its too gawdy for a porfessional criminal, which its clear Wayne Field is.

The clothes? Well the clothes, I'd wear the shit out of too (Kenny is a cocksman...great wardrobe), so Im gonna let that slide. Same with the beer and frozen pizzas.

But the hospital bracelet with your name on it being left at the house you just robbed is a Buckner-esque mistake. And there's no doubt in my mind that the reason he went back was to get that bracelet.

 Its a mistake he will never forget. But there will be bigger houses and better rings in Wayne Field's future. He will learn from his mistakes and be better off for it. Godspeed, Wayne.

Arnold Schwazanegger is a bright guy

Audio commentaries can be great for certain movies, mainly comedies because it allows actors to talk about behind the scenes stuff that we don't get from just watching the movie. Its obvious here, that Arnold has no clue what audio commentary is for and just does a play by play of the movie. His voice and the fact that he was voted governor of a state are good for a quick laugh though.

Videos of chicks on dirt bikes usually end well.... for us.

An old fashion Donnie Brook breaks out

Throw out the records when the Danville Dashers play the Danbury Whalers. There is no love lost between these teams. And its only made better by these horrible announcers. Good work boys, boom goes the dynamite.

But there was a better fight in the NHL.... in the stands

Russian News Anchor hates President Obama

He probably hates you too bitch.

Ps- You'd get more viewers if you took it down a button or three.

Monday, November 21, 2011

SEC hits hard

That's why they have teams 1-2-3 in the BCS standings. Its not a game below the mason-dixon line, its seriously a religion. Although race may have played a factor in this fight. Tough to tell. Either way in honor of this Arkansas knockout.... lets call those Hogs....ya crazy hicks...

Cutler and Cavallari engaged again

Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler may be out for the season, but he’s gonna be busy planning a wedding….again…For the second time this year Jay Cutler is engaged to reality star Kristin Cavallari…According to Life & Style, “Jay has proposed for the second time–and Kristin has accepted!”Kristin is over the moon with happiness,” a source told L & S. “She’s already told her friends that the engagement is back on. They haven’t set a new date yet.” 

I could do what most meathead Bears fans want to do and call Cutler a pussy, but secretly want to be him. But I won't I'll take the high road and just wait til the made for television wedding comes out on E! or Bravo. Mainly cause I can't wait to see what Brody Jenner wears. God, he's so cool. But I wonder if anyone from Laguna Beach or the Hills will be in or even at the wedding. Maybe a couple people, just as long as that bitch Lo doesn't. Fucking Lo.

Did Redskin WR Jabar Gaffney just use my 'Kill yourself' line?

After the Redskins lost in overtime to the Cowboys and fell to 3-7, Washington receiver Jabar Gaffney was understandably upset. As we all know, fans will be fans no matter what the situation. According to the Washington Times, one decided to tweet at Gaffney saying, “lmao 3-9.” Gaffney’s response — which has since been deleted — was regrettable.

“We 3-7 you dumb (expletive),” Gaffney wrote. “3-7 ain’t a record to be proud of I’m just proud I ain’t you get a life or kill urself.”

 Naturally, Gaffney realized he went a bit overboard so he tried to clarify with yet another tweet: “I don’t want the man to really kill himself it was just a way of saying (expletive) off or leave me alone to all you lames keep up or don’t follow.”

That's fucked up. I would never steal his material.... others yes, his, no. So I don't know why he's stealing my lines and throwing them all over Twitter. I have the feeling that Rex is behind this somehow. Also, for the record, when I tell someone to kill themselves its not another way of telling them to fuck off. I say it because I think its in their best interest and really do want them to die.

PS- I do like that he called people "lames", I may have to steal that one.

Dude gets taken down a peg

I love when dudes who puff their chests out get knocked the fuck out. Honestly, there is nothing more staisfying than seeing a guy who thinks he is tough get knocked out. I mean, just the way that guy walked was pissing me off. So I'm glad he got his...... Wait did that bitch just say "that's my boyfriend"??... Call me.

Here's what a 16 team NCAA playoff would look like:

All 11 conferences are represented. There are 5 at-large teams (Arkansas, Boise State, Alabama, Stanford, Oklahoma, though see the notes below). Higher seed plays at home until the Final 4, which is at a neutral site. It sucks to include teams like Arkansas St , Northern Illinois and Nevada but we need to be fair and everyone loves rooting for the underdogs.

1 LSU (SEC champ)
16 Arkansas St. (Sun Belt champ)

8 Stanford (at-large)
9 Oklahoma (at large)

5 Oregon (Pac-12 champ)
12 TCU (MWC champ)

4 Oklahoma St. (Big 12 champ)
13 Houston/Southern Miss (CUSA champ)

6 Wisconsin/Mich St (Big Ten champ)
11 Louisville/Rutgers (Big East champ)

3 Arkansas (at-large)
14 Northern Illinois/Ohio (MAC champ)

7 Clemson/Virginia Tech (ACC champ)
10 Boise St (at-large)

2 Alabama (at large)
15 LA Tech/Nevada – WAC champ

Look at these potebtial 2nd round matchups:

LSU vs. Andrew Luck or  Boomer Sooner

Oregon vs Oklahoma State- over/under of 150? Seriously

Arkansas vs. Michigan State- SEC speed vs Big Ten size

Boise St.and Kellen Moore vs. Alabama’s defense.

That would beat any New Year’s Day lineup of bowls in the last 20 years. And it would only be the 2nd round.

Potential Final Four :

Alabama vs Arkansas

LSU vs Oregon

No we run into a small problem. We've seen these games. And if LSU beats Oregon again, we have another re match for the National title, no matter who wins the Bama/Ark matchup. Of course we are on course for that already happening as is. So lets just get to it....Bama vs LSU II

I can't believe her whole family played you...

... Cause you don't look like a gullible fuck from Minnesota that's trying to hard to be relevant or anything. Nice fucking purse. You are worse than Hank Baskett, who still sucks off his realty star spouse's teet.  Can't wait for you to go back to being the 1st round bust that you were a year ago. 

J Lo's ass showed up to the AMA's last night

This last pic is for Gayzer...

T.O. makes it on the Big Screen

Terrell Owens football career appears to be all but over, but his  acting career may just be getting started…The enigmatic wide receiver’s new film, ‘Dysfunctional Friends’, is a comedy/ drama about a group of college friends who reunite after the sudden death of their larger then life friend Dennis (Keith Robinson)

First question: what is that white chick in the middle of the above picture doing? Are the producers fucking with us. Or is this like a version of the Rooney Rule for black movies, where you have to have a token white on the ad poster. And If Omar Epps doesn't have a cameo in this I'll be shocked. As for T.O., the man has a serious talent. Of making me want to punch him in the face. I'd tell you to kill yourself, but you can't even do that right.

De la Hoya liked it in the ass.....instead of the nose

 Oscar de la Hoya encouraged model Angelica Marie Cecora to help him do cocaine using a body part other than his nose during an alleged, kinky romp at Manhattan’s Ritz Carlton hotel last March, she told Page Six.Cecora also claimed to us that the ex-boxing champ revealed to her he was molested by a female staffer in high school.

“He opened up to me about how he lost his virginity,” says Cecora, who’s filed a $5 million suit through lawyer Tony Evans against the fighter for emotional distress, false imprisonment, assault and battery.
“He told me that he didn’t have a lot of friends [growing up], and a lot of bullies would fight with him.”

As a result, she says De la Hoya told her he was sent to a staffer’s office regularly who told him to “sit on her lap.” “He said this was the way he lost his virginity,” Cecora said.

The New York model added that, during De la Hoya’s alleged “cocaine-fueled confessions,” he asked her to help him absorb the drug through a private body area. “He indicated he wanted [it that way],” she said.

Is getting sexually assaulted in high school by a female staffer really that bad? Its a question I've always wondered about. Obviously if a girl gets assaulted by a male its a crime but I don't think the other way around should be.... unless that staffer is hideous looking.

And it definitely shouldn't be used as an excuse to dress up as a girl and have some model put drugs up your ass. Although that sounds like a decent Saturday night too. 

How the hell did this team but the #2 team in the country....

This team is impossibly white. I've actually seen high school teams more intimidating than these wannabees. Good speech though.

Meanwhile Marvin McNutt's draft status continues to rise....

Gator Bowl?!?!?

Sooo Yeah.... Cutler's out 6-8 weeks

I want to write about how Caleb Hanie can lead us to a 4-2 finish over these last 6 games and that Cutler can come back and lead us to victory vs either the Saints, Giants or Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs. I really do. But it won't happen and that sucks. What I do find amusing is that these same people who are saying Hanie is the next Wally Pip/Tom Brady are the same motherfuckers who predicted before the season started that the Bears would go 7-9 or worse.

Its pathetic. Its embarrassing.... and its over. The season is a complete disaster now. Not because I don't we can make the playoffs but because I don't think we can win a playoff game. And that's all that is important these days. We were on our way to being a top 3 team in the NFC. We were legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Now we are the 1994 Bears led by Steve Walsh. A good, but not great defense and a now one dimensional offense.

So, its a shitty situation for a once promising team. What makes it worse is the fact that our biggest rival is creating a dynasty right before our very eyes. I hate to say it but the Packers are one more  Super Bowl win away from being compared to the 1970's Steelers, the 1980's 49ers, the mid 90's Cowboys and the '00s Patriots. They are that good and that young.

So now we have to scratch out 3 wins over the next 6 games. Broncos, Chiefs, Seahawks and Vikings are all win-able games. Even the Raiders are beatable this weekend. But unless the Bears can sign a veteran QB like Kurt Warner (never gonna happen) this team is destined for one and done in the playoffs. Fuuucckkk.

Ohio State likes jokes

Friday, November 18, 2011

Petty Cash Games Bore MJ

Must be a friendly game if he has less than 100k out. Yawn.

We have a Penn State at Syracuse

ESPNTwo former Syracuse University ball boys say they were molested by associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine, starting in the late 1970s and continuing into the 1990s. Police in Syracuse said they have opened an investigation into the allegations. And in a statement Thursday night, Syracuse said it has placed Fine on administrative leave. One alleged victim, Bobby Davis, now 39, told Outside the Lines that Fine molested him beginning in 1984, shortly before Davis entered the seventh grade. Davis, the team’s ball boy for six years beginning in 1984, said the abuse occurred at Fine’s home, at the Syracuse basketball facilities, and on road trips, including the 1987 Final Four. The second alleged victim, Mike Lang, now 45, is Davis’ stepbrother and was also a ball boy for several years. He told Outside the Lines that Fine molested him starting when Lang was in fifth or sixth grade. Davis said Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim saw him in Fine’s hotel room on several of those road trips, but Davis said he never told Boeheim about the alleged abuse.

I might be an insensitive , immature asshole...check that, I'm definitely an insensitive immature asshole, but I say if you are 18 years old or older and are getting molested by a coach, then you are gay.... and you like it. Now I can sympathize for this alleged victim when he was 11,12,13,14 but once you have a drivers license and are able to vote ,then your old enough to stop getting bent over. Done, next case. 

PS- Are all chi-mo's old white men?.... Finally something other than prostate cancer to look forward to.

Maybe A-Rod isnt gay............NAHHHHH