Wednesday, November 30, 2011

90's NBA legends set to play exhibition games in Asia

Just because the NBA lockout is over, that doesn’t mean basketball exhibitions have to end.  Per The Basketball Jones, a group of NBA stars from the 1990s will head to China to play an exhibition game.  Some of the stars include Scottie Pippen, Gary Payton, Penny Hardaway, and Dennis Rodman.

These are the players I grew up with so I'm hoping this is going to be televised for the US fans. I mean I would definitely pay to see this game played at the UC.

But I have two questions: 1- Why did Voshon Leonard and Mark Blount get invited? I mean even if you couldn't get a former all star, how 'bout at least getting a former starter. Maybe a Tyrone Hill or even a white guy would have been better than those two for fuck's sake.

And my second question is; Which player on these rosters is the most broke? Scottie's every move wreaks of desperation, so I guess its him. But I'm also gonna say half these guys have or are on their way to filing for bankruptcy. The directors of this exhibition tour should really pay the winning team more if they want a better product on the floor that night. Just saying.

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