Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Ten looking for "seat fillers" for Title Game

The inaugural Big Ten Championship Game is nearly upon us, and fans are lining up to purchase tickets for this must-see event. Well, not exactly.

While Wisconsin and Michigan State fans will flock to Indy for this game because their teams each have a shot at the Rose Bowl, there’s not much of a buzz surrounding it from a national standpoint.

This has prompted criticism, a fair amount of solid Twitter jokes, and one of the most amazing Craigslist adds ever created. We’re not sure what exactly this is, if it’s truly real (more on that in sec) but it’s, well, awesome.
And for those unwilling to click on the link, here it is.

Event Seat-Filler (Indianapolis / Downtown)

Date: 2011-11-29, 9:24PM EST

Saturday night event in downtown Indianapolis needs seat-fillers. Total number of seat-fillers needed will vary based on crowd.

Must tolerate loud noise and crowds. Must have red or dark green casual clothing to wear. Event will last all evening on Saturday night. All ages, sexes, races, etc. 

Please use contact e-mail. Event planner will follow-up with exact details on location for staging of seat-fillers (additional information and instruction provided there). 
  • Location: Indianapolis / Downtown
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: 75 dollars, parking validation and access to event
A joke, you say?

Well, here’s the response one “interested” client passed along that he received after following up.

Thanks for expressing interest in helping us fill empty seats on Saturday night. We have gotten your e-mail address, and will be sending out details Saturday morning to match the expected number of needed seat-fillers. Our client has asked for discretion about this opportunity, as “seat-filling” is behind-the-scenes aspect of this event production.

On the day of the event event, we will designate a parking garage and validate your parking. Seat fillers will be assigned seats inside or near the event close to the event start time. We expect fillers will need to be checked in around 6:30pm on Saturday. The event itself begins shortly after 8pm, and we expect it to conclude close to midnight. You will receive payment at the end of the evening upon turning in the paperwork given to you at the beginning of the evening.

No experience is necessary, and there are no age, sex, or race requirements. We are asking that all participants wear red or dark green t-shirts and/or hats.

This is an exciting opportunity to be paid to see a live sporting event! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

This is a total embarrassment for the Big Ten, MSU and Wisconsin. I'd expect this from the likes of Illinois, Indiana, Purdue or Northwestern fans, but not out of these two schools.  

Although it does make a strong case for why Bowl committees always select Iowa or Michigan over other schools in the conference. So they don't have to get "seat fillers" for their bowls. 

Also am I the only one who thinks its ridiculous to have this game in a dome, when not one team in the conference plays in a dome. This is the Big Ten, where we play outside no matter the weather. 

Commissioner Delaney should be ashamed of his performance lately. Leaders? Legends? You fucking faggot. You need to make a power play and break up the Big 12. Take Texas, OU, Oklahoma St and Kansas and make the Big Ten a 16 team super conference.

 If you have read this far... congrats, you win.

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