Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chris Sale to be in Sox rotation next year

White Sox general manager Ken Williams said Tuesday that Chris Sale will be in the starting rotation next season.

Sale has pitched exclusively out of the bullpen since being drafted 13th overall in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft, posting a 2.58 ERA and 111/37 K/BB ratio over 94 1/3 innings at the major league level. The White Sox had plenty of starting depth last season, even using a six-man rotation for a stretch, but should have an opening if Mark Buehrle signs elsewhere. 

This news is pretty big if you're Sox fan, for a couple of reasons. It means Kenny Williams is gonna start dealing soon. He's not about to let this team not compete next year and have everyone think Ozzie was the reason for the Championship. 

No, Williams is too proud for that. I predict he has his busiest off season yet. No player is safe minus Sale.
Either Floyd or Danks is gone for sure. See Ya.

The news of Sale is also exciting because he has David Price type talent. He could be an Ace within a year and a half as soon as he learns to pitch to guys 3 at bats a night as a starter. Kenny realizes this and it weren't for the Sox already having 6 major league arms last season, this move would have come back in August. Instead, they did the right thing by showcasing the other guys in order to trade them in the offseason. 

But Buehrle is the giant elephant in the room with this Sale news though. Does it mark his end? Not necessarily but it does open the door for his exit. Its probably 60-40 him signing elsewhere but Reinsdorf may give him the Konerko treatment and step in and give him the money he wants. I personnally wouldn't, and I'm guessing neither would Kenny.

If this NBA lockout continues much longer, you are gonna get a healthy dose of offseason baseball news, you've been warned.

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