Monday, November 21, 2011

De la Hoya liked it in the ass.....instead of the nose

 Oscar de la Hoya encouraged model Angelica Marie Cecora to help him do cocaine using a body part other than his nose during an alleged, kinky romp at Manhattan’s Ritz Carlton hotel last March, she told Page Six.Cecora also claimed to us that the ex-boxing champ revealed to her he was molested by a female staffer in high school.

“He opened up to me about how he lost his virginity,” says Cecora, who’s filed a $5 million suit through lawyer Tony Evans against the fighter for emotional distress, false imprisonment, assault and battery.
“He told me that he didn’t have a lot of friends [growing up], and a lot of bullies would fight with him.”

As a result, she says De la Hoya told her he was sent to a staffer’s office regularly who told him to “sit on her lap.” “He said this was the way he lost his virginity,” Cecora said.

The New York model added that, during De la Hoya’s alleged “cocaine-fueled confessions,” he asked her to help him absorb the drug through a private body area. “He indicated he wanted [it that way],” she said.

Is getting sexually assaulted in high school by a female staffer really that bad? Its a question I've always wondered about. Obviously if a girl gets assaulted by a male its a crime but I don't think the other way around should be.... unless that staffer is hideous looking.

And it definitely shouldn't be used as an excuse to dress up as a girl and have some model put drugs up your ass. Although that sounds like a decent Saturday night too. 

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