Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DeSean loves credit

According to Howard Eskin of 94WIP, Jackson may be close to broke and could need that contract to pay back his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.
Here is the quote from Eskin's interview with Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com.
“From what I’m told, [Jackson] owes Drew Rosenhaus a lot of money. . . . We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Eskin. "Is he broke? I don’t know how you define broke, but I know when he signs his new deal he will owe DrewRosenhaus a lot of money.”

Eskin goes on to say that Jackson is using a credit card that belongs to Rosenhaus, and that the agent has been paying bills for the wideout.

Im sure this happens all the time.  And why would Rosenhous let him spend more than he is going to be able to afford since Rosenhous is the one negotiating the contract and his agent not a loan shark.  Jackson should be getting a contract at around 8 mil a year I'm thinking, so hundreds of thousands of dollars shouldn't be the end of the world.  What is the end of the world is I ran out slices of cheese I was eating with hot sauce and was already in shorts and no shirt so I couldn't go down to get more.  But then again we all got problems

-Les Anderson

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