Monday, November 21, 2011

Did Redskin WR Jabar Gaffney just use my 'Kill yourself' line?

After the Redskins lost in overtime to the Cowboys and fell to 3-7, Washington receiver Jabar Gaffney was understandably upset. As we all know, fans will be fans no matter what the situation. According to the Washington Times, one decided to tweet at Gaffney saying, “lmao 3-9.” Gaffney’s response — which has since been deleted — was regrettable.

“We 3-7 you dumb (expletive),” Gaffney wrote. “3-7 ain’t a record to be proud of I’m just proud I ain’t you get a life or kill urself.”

 Naturally, Gaffney realized he went a bit overboard so he tried to clarify with yet another tweet: “I don’t want the man to really kill himself it was just a way of saying (expletive) off or leave me alone to all you lames keep up or don’t follow.”

That's fucked up. I would never steal his material.... others yes, his, no. So I don't know why he's stealing my lines and throwing them all over Twitter. I have the feeling that Rex is behind this somehow. Also, for the record, when I tell someone to kill themselves its not another way of telling them to fuck off. I say it because I think its in their best interest and really do want them to die.

PS- I do like that he called people "lames", I may have to steal that one.

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