Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting Paid, Getting Paid...from

COVINGTON - A gossip website has been slapped with an $11 million judgment for libel and defamation after posting false accusations about a Northern Kentucky teacher who sidelines as a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader.
U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman handed down the judgment Thursday after the Dirty World Entertainment Recordings, which runs the site, failed to respond to the lawsuit filed in February.
One million dollars of the judgment was for compensatory damages and $10 million was for punitive damages. He also added an annual interest rate of 0.25 percent.
Sarah Jones, who teaches at Dixie Heights High School, filed the suit in federal court in Covington after pictures of her appeared on the site along with allegations she had sex with Bengal football players and had two venereal diseases. The posts identify the woman by her first name and last initial.
The operator of the Arizona-based website, Hooman Karamian, who uses the online name “Nik Ritchie,” couldn’t be reached for comment. He was also named as a defendant in the suit. -

The is a total dickhead move since he just lets anyone spout off obviously people who dislike each other will make up crazy shit.  The Drity is good for sweet pics of sports stars getting hammered with chicks though and it should concentrate on that more.  

But if websites can get in trouble for what people say in the comments section then almost everyone can get sued, but I guess it is the way this clown presents his site and how irrational his arguments are as displayed in the above video.  But he is married to Lorenzo Lamas' daughter which is awesome cause The Renegade is his father in law.

-Les Anderson

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