Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here’s a Photo of Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer With the Girl He Allegedly Got Pregnant When She Was 16

Monday night, the Daily Reported that Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Jerry Amendola, was 49 years old when he got a 16-year-old girl pregnant. Now, Busted Coverage has unearthed an undated photo of Amendola and said girl. The two are now married. (Busted Coverage)

Amendola and Sandusky make quite the duo, huh? Just a couple of pedo's, named Jerry, walking hand and hand into a courtroom with judge who's an acquaintance with Sandusky himself. Its like everyone in State College is a pedo, or part of the cover-up. Scary/funny stuff.

PS- She's fucking hot. And Jerry Amendola is a sly yet shady fuck. Honestly, he's perfect lawyer for me. REEE-TAAAIIN-ERRRR. retainer.

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