Monday, November 21, 2011

Here's what a 16 team NCAA playoff would look like:

All 11 conferences are represented. There are 5 at-large teams (Arkansas, Boise State, Alabama, Stanford, Oklahoma, though see the notes below). Higher seed plays at home until the Final 4, which is at a neutral site. It sucks to include teams like Arkansas St , Northern Illinois and Nevada but we need to be fair and everyone loves rooting for the underdogs.

1 LSU (SEC champ)
16 Arkansas St. (Sun Belt champ)

8 Stanford (at-large)
9 Oklahoma (at large)

5 Oregon (Pac-12 champ)
12 TCU (MWC champ)

4 Oklahoma St. (Big 12 champ)
13 Houston/Southern Miss (CUSA champ)

6 Wisconsin/Mich St (Big Ten champ)
11 Louisville/Rutgers (Big East champ)

3 Arkansas (at-large)
14 Northern Illinois/Ohio (MAC champ)

7 Clemson/Virginia Tech (ACC champ)
10 Boise St (at-large)

2 Alabama (at large)
15 LA Tech/Nevada – WAC champ

Look at these potebtial 2nd round matchups:

LSU vs. Andrew Luck or  Boomer Sooner

Oregon vs Oklahoma State- over/under of 150? Seriously

Arkansas vs. Michigan State- SEC speed vs Big Ten size

Boise St.and Kellen Moore vs. Alabama’s defense.

That would beat any New Year’s Day lineup of bowls in the last 20 years. And it would only be the 2nd round.

Potential Final Four :

Alabama vs Arkansas

LSU vs Oregon

No we run into a small problem. We've seen these games. And if LSU beats Oregon again, we have another re match for the National title, no matter who wins the Bama/Ark matchup. Of course we are on course for that already happening as is. So lets just get to it....Bama vs LSU II

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