Monday, November 14, 2011

I thought this Defense was past its prime....

The experts love this Lions team this year. They have fire power on offense and "the best" defense line in the league. But after yesterday's beat down its time to write them off as pretenders. 1-3 since their 5-0 start. And Detroit still has to play some of the tough teams we have already played.

While we were playing the Saints, Eagles, and the Pack. The Lions were playing the Chiefs, Broncos, and the Cowboys. Now its our turn to beat up on the weak part of our schedule and see how the Lions handle GB twice and the Saints. Both teams will play the Vikings, Chargers and Raiders.

Game Notes:

- Bears lost Chris Williams to a wrist injury yesterday. It looks like he will be out until the last week of the season, in a best case scenario. Not good, especially considering the line is coming off the best back-to-back games of the season.

- Devin Hester did not return in the second half after aggravating his ankle injury. However, he is expected to be back returning punts vs SD next Sunday.

- Julius Peppers is starting to earn that money again. Not sure if it was Lovie's call or Rod Marinelli's call to move him to the tackle position on certain passing downs to make it harder to double team him, but it was a great job of coaching. Teams will have to prepare for this going forward, leaving Idonje 1-on-1 for more sacks in games to come.

- Matt Forte was held under a 100 total yards for the first time all season. Not to worry, the Chargers are coming to town, who gave up 240yds to Michael Bush last Thursday night.

-Earl Bennett is the real deal. 6 targets, 6 catches in a game that only saw 19 pass attempts. Those orange shoes are big F U to Roger Goodell too.

-I know they brought this up in the FOX broadcast, but I also couldn't believe that Charles Tillman has never made a Pro Bowl. He doesn't get a lot of interceptions, because we don't play a lot of man-to-man, but his ball striping is second to none. Not a travesty, just thought he would have made it once by now.

-Everyone is saying how the Lions are dirty...but I kinda like the way they play cheap. Reminds me of the old NFL. Pulling helmets off, cut blocking, hitting after the whistle. Don't get it twisted, I hate the Lions, but I'm an asshole who enjoys dirty play. Does that make any sense? No, how about this: I'm a sore-loser, so I can understand where the Lions heads were at. Better?

- Now the bad news.... we can win out, go 13-3 and still not host a playoff game this season. Home NFC Championship games don't grow on trees, so ya, I'm not over last year yet.

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